Finding the right partner in China

In my quest to find a Chinese partner for Public Relations activity of international companies in China, I have chat on the phone with over seventy public relations agencies, and I met face to face with over thirty agenciesI insisted on meeting in their offices, so I will be able to assess the workers, structure, spirit, and energies.

I have set four major conditions they should have:

 1. An authentic local Chinese agency with special and VIP media relations.

2. A respectable communication skills in English.

3. An experience with costumers from the tech sector.

4. A successful experience with well-known international brands and companies.

The search to choose my partners has taken over a year, and some would say that I am lucky that it took such a short period. In China, more than anywhere else in the world, there are no shortcuts.Human capital is the force that drives the business world. In many cases, the quality of the people, is what separates a successful company form a failing one. Most of the Human capital in China (a nation with endless human resources) does not speak English, isn’t experienced in global business practicum, and facing communication-surrounding unfamiliar to the Western world. The main challenge of every western company in China is to target and work with the best and most reliable. It is a big challenge but it is also possible.

The quest to find an excellent Chinese partner or Chinese manager requires great patient from who seeks to promote business in China. Whether it’s a High-tech company or consumer products, everyone are at the same boat. The Language and cultural differences, with the diverse landscape of marketing channels are challenging and so companies need to adjust themselves fast. The regulations are sometimes complicated and in order to bridge it you must work with the right and the professional team.

It all starts and ends with finding a suitable partner or manager. It is imperative to pre-plan the needs, the possibilities, to set goals, and to flex yourself as you go. A business partnership is like marriage- it requires loyalty, adjusting expectations, mutual commitment, completing skills, reciprocity, authority definition, and, most importantly, the ability to talk in absolute transparency. Honesty and openness between partners help to cope with the challenges and finding effective solutions in a time of need.

Also, in China, there is no situation of “half-pregnancy”. It is impossible to run a business in China by remote control. A good manager who would focus on the company’s success, and not one that handles companies’ simultaneity. It demands a manager that every day willingly gives his time for business growth.

Crucial is to visit your employees often, listen and talk with them, follow up for execution, give feedback for performances and brainstorm together on the next steps. Impressing supervision and personal relation which leads to self-commitment.

During my journey in China, I heard too many foreigners says that they know all about China and what Chinese people needs or wants. I can ensure that there is no one that can know everything about China and about Chinese people. Modesty never harmed anyone before and it is even more important when you approach to china.

No one expects you to know everything. Emphasize the authentic, to lead with high emotional intelligence, to respect your environment, and mostly not to try to be something that you are not.

A company that opens a business in China and tries along the way to transform the Chinese into what they are not and to what they aren’t used to it will lead the company to failure.

Getting positive references in Chinese media is significant. As in anywhere else in the world, the Chinese are also looking for information and feedback. It is vital to use the social network as if it were the various media channels, in the right quantity, all are thinkable, and it is possible to reach the right people, whom we search, as anywhere else in the world.

My quest to find a Chinese partner was ended successfully, i have found a great partners and we have offices in Beijing and Shanghai. We try to provide effective Public Relations services to our clients. We are fully committed to our clients and more than all, we like working togehter as partners.


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