Coca Cola

The Challenge

To ensure “virality” for Coca-Cola’s nickname bottle campaign through key influencer engagement across all influencer types – lifestyle, food, music travel. Create seeding content that resonated mostly with the KOL followers and for maximum shareability driving consumers to Coca-Cola purchase page mini-site.

The Results

Identified and engaged over 60 key influencers on Weibo

Influencers seeded over 600 pieces of original content

Organic reach exceeded 65,000,000 with over 26,000 UGC by followers and 175,000+ comments on the campaign

Large CTR with over 900,000 clicks to the mini-site


  • – Use proprietary social listening tools to identify relevant key online influencers across a number of industry categories
  • – Maintain the theme of the campaign as well as encouraging the use of campaign “nicknames” across UGC (user generated content)
  • – Create original content and assets for KOLs to seed to their followers using local language and lexicon encouraging conversion on the landing page