The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Xinhua Reporters Visiting The Hebrew University

An interview by Xinhua reporters with Professor Asher Cohen- President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Published by several of Chinese & American medias.

And also, interview with Dina Ben-Yehuda, Dean of the School of Medicine at Hebrew University.

Xinhua journalists participated in a tour inside of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Labs. The reporters visited three different labs while exploring the COVID-19 epidemic.

Professor Asher Cohen


Dina Ben-Yehuda

The Labs

“Albert Einstein- Life in 4 Dimensions” Exhibition Launching Ceremony in Shanghai

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem exhibition launching ceremony in Shanghai: “Albert Einstein – Life in Four Dimensions“.

Collaboration of scientific and academic partnership between HUJI and China – Among many respectable guests were Nobel prize winner Mr. Yang Chen Ning and many Chinese scientist. 

Yicai Global, China’s largest financial media conglomerate based in Shanghai met and interviewed Huji’s Vice president Mr. Prof. Oron Shagrir.

HUJI Sends Love and Support to China

The supporting video received +686,290 views across the social media platforms:

  • Tencent video – 659,132 views, including 12,339 views from WeChat.
  • Weibo – 27,000+ views
  • WeChat video post – 159 views
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  • Posted 11 Toutiao content and had 91 views during the two months. The platform has pushed the content to 17,061 users.
  • The supporting video has achieved 686,290+ views across social media platforms, which is a great exposure.

HUJI Wins the Stevie Awards 2021

Category- The Most Valuable Non-Profit Response

Project- Convey Love from Israel to China

Format- 72-second Video


Asia-Pacific Stevie award is the only awards program to recognize innovation in business throughout the entire Asia-Pacific region. It is considered being the world’s premier business awards, conferring recognition for achievement in the workplace over the past 18 years in programs such as The International Business Awards® and The American Business Awards®.