Brand Building in China

Combining their patented 3D printing technology with ink-jet printer mechanisms, Israeli start-up Ripples is revolutionizing the way people experience their lattes and cappuccinos— allowing detailed customized  digital images (made from organic coffee extracts) to be imprinted directly on top of the beverage foam.

Silk Road created and operated social media accounts (WeChat, Weibo, tailored-for-China landing page etc.) for Ripples, in order to promote its innovative technology and products to potential audience.

Silk Road  invited national Tier-1 media for product demonstrations and technology roundtables for the media to experience the product first-hand. The communication strategy of engaging with online/social media platforms as well as offline media relations ensures maximum awareness.


Weibo Operation

WeChat Operation

WeChat KOL Promotion

Media Roundtable & Media Clipping

The Coffe

Xinhua reporter interviewing Ripples

Xinhua reporter interviewing Ripples