Israeli Export Institute

Israeli Beauty Event

The Ministry of Economy and Industry of Israel in China held the Israeli Beauty event in Solana, Beijing.

Through online & offline interactive communication and media promotion, the Israeli Beauty event has effectively reached the target audience and gained immense public attention, as well as promoted the high-tech and natural concept of Israeli beauty products. The success of the event and the large number of press releases from online and offline media have enhanced the influence of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Israel on Israeli brands.

CBE Promotion & B2B Meetings in Shanghai


Silk Road Group worked very closely with the Israeli Consulate in Shanghai and the Israeli Export Institute to promote 10 leading Israeli cosmetics companies in China Beauty Exhibition, in Shanghai.   We have garnered more than 150 meetings for the Israeli companies as well as 1st tier media PR coverage.

SilkRoad Group” generated over 150 successful B2B Meetings for the Israeli companies